Purple Smokey Eye.

Hey guys! I’m back this week with a makeup tutorial! I want to do more glamorous looks, because let’s face it, they're fun! This week I want to work with purples! Purple is one of my favorite colors in general and to wear on my eyes, it makes the little bit of green I have in my eyes stand out more. I’ve always wanted green eyes, the purple helps them look a little more green! Today I’m going to be using the Ulta “Be Discovered 67 piece Collection”. I bought it about two years ago online, and they no longer sell it. There are a lot if similar colors you can buy online or in store. I never get to use this thing, so I decided to bust it out this week! I’m also going to be trying out two new products my boyfriend randomly bought me at our local Dollar General. There’s a brow pencil in Black / Brown (we'll see how the color is) and a Lengthening Mascara in black. Both of them are by the brand Broadway Color, which is manufactured by Kiss Products. I believe these are dollar items…

Half God Half Devil Concert Pictures.

Last weekend I went to my first real concert with my boyfriend in Columbus. I call it my first "real" concert because after I turned 18, I went to a dirty little bar in Portland Oregon and saw Bring Me The Horizon & It Dies Today. I grew up across the bridge in Washington. From 2004 to 2007, was a huge emo phase in my life, lol. But this past weekend was so good for us to have a night away from life, kids, and reality to have a date night and see some bands we love! We went to the Half God Half Devil tour. There were three opening acts and the headlining band. In order was Gemini Syndrome, Avatar, Motionless In White, then of course In This Moment! So yes, this was in fact a metal show. A lot of people don’t think I look like someone who listens to metal, but I have since I was like 15. Back in '04 that's all I would listen to, haha.

So after our drive down to Columbus, We went to the hotel and holy cow, it was Beautiful! We stayed at the Renaissance Columbus Down…

My favorite hairstyles for my Curly Hair.

My go-to hairstyles. Hey guys, I’m back with another hair post! I feel like I have some knowledge I can share about having curly hair from these last almost 28 years on earth! I’ve been learning to tackle it and still have it look cute for some time now. Whenever it comes to styling my hair, I absolutely dread doing it. My hair is wavy, dry and frizzy. Over the years I’ve heard tips and tricks from many people and some things have worked, and some haven't. I have a separate blog post Here, all about how I control and tame my frizzy Italian hair. All of these pictures included, are from over the last two years. As you can see, I've been brunette, blond, I've had purple hair and an ombre. I've loved every color, it's always fun to have colourful hair. The damage is another topic, lol. I made sure to include pictures that really show my natural texture.

My casual days:
A couple of the ways I do my hair for those days when I don’t need to look too presentable, is a …

In This Moment Concert Looks

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Guys! My boyfriend and I are going to be seeing one of our favorite bands! April fifteenth in Columbus Ohio! In This Moment! We are so fucking pumped for it. I normally try not to swear in my blog, but I’m too excited! If you guys don’t know who they are, they’re a bad ass metal band with a female singer. The beautiful Maria Brink! At the concert there’s supposed to be three other groups with them on tour. Motionless In White, Avatar and Gemini Syndrome! I like all of these bands, the only ones I don’t know as well are Avatar and Motionless In White. But I do enjoy what I’ve heard by them so far! Now, you guys know what this means! Testing and trying out hair and makeup looks for the show. They have got to be long lasting and sweat proof! Most of all, I have to look cute of course. I have a few ideas in mind and I wanted to talk about and get some input on!
Look one: This is the most basic lo…

Shills Natural Science; Deep Cleansing Black Mask

Shills Natural Science; Deep Cleansing Black Mask Hi guys! You know those black peel off face masks that everyone’s doing? Well I bought a tube of it from the app Wish. It was $2.00 for the mask and $1.00 shipping. I think that’s a great price, considering you can never be sure if you’re going to receive exactly what you order with apps like this. It honestly depends on the store on Wish that you buy from. I made sure they had good reviews before I bought it! I placed my order March 10th and received it in ten days! The packaging was a standard small gray plastic bag, the tube was in a box and then in bubble wrap. The packaging was nothing crazy, lol.
Shills Natural Science;  Deep Cleansing Black Mask. Here’s a list of the claims on the packaging then I’ll discuss whether I felt which ones were true.
Smooth’s the skin texture.Increases vitality.Deep Cleansing.Removes dulling surface cells and impurities.Vitamin and plant extracts soften the skin to restore a youthful glow.

My first im…